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Monochrome and black and white are often confused, but although black and white is monochrome (one color), monochrome might be a photo with a range of color that’s not black. Grayscale is a monotone image made of only shades of grey/gray. Hence all grayscale images are monotone but not all monotone images are grayscale…or black and white. This is just like whisky, where all Scotch is whisky but not all whisky is Scotch…at least until you’ve had plenty of one or the other. 🙂 Happy Friday!

Life in Colour: black/grey

I’ve wondered about the difference between black and white and monochrome, terms that seem to be used interchangeably. However, as I researched, I found out that’s only partially true. The differences and similarities are the same as those between Scotch and whisky/whiskey. Grab your glass and read along.

Grammerly points out the differences in the spelling of this type of alcohol:

Whisky (no e) refers to Scottish, Canadian, or Japanese grain spirits. Whiskey (with an e) refers to grain spirits distilled in Ireland and the United States.

Now if you picture the drink, no matter the spelling, as the large circle of a Venn diagram (Dan, I know you would draw this but I don’t know how to do it online). Scotch whisky (not wiskey) is made only in Scotland while adhering to certain laws. So Scotch is a small circle inside that large whisk(e)y one. Bourbon whiskey (not whisky) is made in the US and mostly from corn, so that’s a separate small circle in the large circle making up whisky/whiskey. So large whisk(e)y circle with small Scotch and bourbon circles inside it but not overlapping each other.

SO…all Scotch is whisky but not all whisk(e)y is Scotch and all bourbon is whisky but not all whisk(e)y is bourbon AND Scotch and bourbon aren’t the same.

Now I’ll cut to the chase, hoping you’re still enjoying this. All black and white (the Scotch or bourbon of photography) is monochrome, an image composed of one color (the whisky/whiskey of photography and the big Venn diagram circle.) But any image composed of one color that isn’t black and white (or the more accurate term “grayscale”) is monochrome. All black and white/greyscale (small circle) is monochrome (big circle) but all monochrome is not black and white.

So if anyone asks you the difference between black and white and monochrome, you can tell them black and white is Scotch, while monochrome is whisk(e)y. That should start a lively conversation. And that means my photos over the next few days are whisk(e)y, Scotch, and greyscale. Cheers or Slàinte mhath in Scottish. pronounced slan-ge-var. Go figure.

P.S. Today I’m taking my parents to get theirs (and my) second Covid vaccination shots (Moderna.) Tomorrow I’m taking my husband to get his first shot. These are blessings!! Hopefully we’ll have no side effects, but both mornings will be full so if I don’t get to your post right away, my apologies. You know I’ll always be back. 🙂

Although Louisville (say “Loo-a-vul” or Loo-a-ville” or see this guide) is known for horses, the Kentucky Derby, and bourbon whiskey (all bourbon and Scotch are whiskey/whisky, but not all whiskey/whisky is bourbon/Scotch and bourbon and Scotch aren’t the same…but are both whiskey/whisky), we were there a few weeks ago for the Ironman.  Our older daughter’s boyfriend was competing while we were there to cheer him on and have fun.

Who woke up one day and thought, “Hey.  Wouldn’t it be fun to swim 2.2 miles, then cycle 112 miles, and follow that by running a marathon (26.22 miles)?  And maybe I could get 2400 other people to participate.”?  That’s how many people (maniacs) started the race in Louisville this year.  I might be able to train for the cycling and the marathon, but that swim would NOT happen.  I’ll stick to sprinting, thank you very much.

Louisville has a nicely compact, revitalized downtown with a section on Fourth Street that’s the happening place.  As we walked from our motel a few blocks away towards Fourth Street, we passed a theater that made me break out my camera as well as in a happy dance.  One look and you’ll know why.  But I’ll give you three looks, the first one quintessential Loo-a-vul.

(A busy day again for me today, which means I won’t be getting to many, if any, posts until tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks for bearing with me on that!)

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© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

You’ll find more doors at Norm’s site.  Just view his post and then click on the link critter to let you visit doors all over the world.  Yes, we have this much fun every Thursday!

While cruising the isles of Binny’s, a local chain where you can buy beer, wine or other alcohol at great prices, I came across several things that tickled my funny bone.  Saturday morning is a great time for some humor and wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining (unless it’s nighttime, of course.)  What does George Bernard Shaw say about sunshine?

“Whisky is liquid sunshine.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

photo 1(47)

“I know some who are constantly drunk on books as other men are drunk on whiskey.”
~ H. L. Mencken

(That would be me!!)

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“Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whiskey makes it go round twice as fast.”
~ Compton Mackenzie