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copyright anelephantcant

Italian Lessons

Lake Como languishes under summer sun,
        streets so narrow side mirrors risk their lives 
        and buses stop traffic
        lurching back and forth while rounding corners.

Cool gelato slides down grateful throats.
Ferries crisscross quiescent waters
	past stately, hidden villas	
	with magazine-ready gardens.

We brave torturous cobbles
	up steep slopes
	past tiny shops
	with sometimes dusty windows,
Relax with espressos at metal tables in the shade.

Bright jersey-ed cyclists with muscled calves fly by
	as juice runs down my fingers
	from sweet, prosciutto-wrapped melon.

You lick the juice,
	your smile promising more sweetness
	yet to come in our fan-cooled, shuttered room.

Apologies to anyone who read this on Poet’s Corner, but I wanted to share it with my friends here with the addition of several of my photos.  This poem my response to a challenge from Whimsy Mimsy ( to write a sensual or romantic poem using the words tea, twill, coalesce and plural.  I will repeat my annoyance that WordPress won’t allow formatting without a great deal of effort and a dark background, so my original formatting isn’t here.  Hopefully the content of the poem stands up to the loss.

copyright janet m. webb

Summer Heat

Twill sleeve
brushes my cheek
as I pour your tea.

Love and desire
coalesce like the condensation
on the china lips of the teacups
The plural heats of tea and summer
kiss you.

I follow their example
while the scent of jasmine
wafts gently through the still air.

copyright janet m. webb