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Winter-spring, spring-winter.  Back and forth.  As I type this, we’re having high wind blasts and periodic snow showers, gloom and bright sunshine.  Spring is a time when all weather bets are off and winter vies to hang on just a bit longer.  Spring will out eventually.  In the meantime, we’ll find scenes like this one.

For the last day of the challenge, I invite any of you who love nature to feel free to participate in this challenge.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and, because nature is mostly what I photography, you can rest assured that the challenge will continue most days of the week at “This, That, and the Other Thing.”

I’m leaving for a mini-road trip today and not surfacing much on the internet until Monday night (then work all day Tuesday, so…)  I thank all of you who stop by to view and especially to take the time to comment and conduct a conversation, even though my part of the conversation may be absent for a time.

© janet m. webb 2016

Sometimes the beautiful things you see in nature hide something not so nice.  In the summer, this branch will be filled with leaves.  But hidden among the leaves are the sharp thorns, easily seen in winter and still visible in this shot, guaranteed to snag your clothing or skin if you get too close.

Time for another nomination.  Karen, at bythebriny in glorious British Columbia, Canada, takes spectacular nature photos.  Karen, if you’re up for it, I’d love to have you participate in the challenge (as it’s what you do anyway.)  Be sure to check out her blog and photos.  You’ll be glad you did.

© janet m. webb 2016

I’m in the middle of nature mania: the Seven Day Nature Challenge, “Landscape” for the Weekly Photo Challenge, and “Nature” for the first Monday of every month at Sally’s challenge.  But, as nature is my primary focus, so to speak, I think I can manage.  I’m living on the edge today, combining Sally’s challenge with the Seven Day Nature Challenge.  That means only one post.  I can hear your thankful sighs from here.  🙂

Getting an animal photo with my iPhone isn’t easy. Coyotes are the worst, as they take off the minute they spot me, usually too far away to see well in the photo. Deer are almost as difficult.  But on this grey morning, I was the only person in the park and walking quietly.  I came around the corner to see two young does walking towards me on the opposite side of the path. I stopped immediately and, contrary to my expectations, they continued towards me.  As they got within about ten yards, they appeared to recognize me as human, turned across the path, and headed into the woods.  Fumbling to get my phone out without startling them, I managed to catch this shot of the second doe.

© janet m. webb 2016


Last week, my walking mornings lacked sunshine. But there can be drama on the cloudy, gloomy days and skies full of character, as they were on this morning.

Today, I nominate Belinda at busymindthinking to participate if she so desires. Belinda is a special person, so I invite you to check out her blog if you get the chance, whether or not she takes the challenge.

My blog title is from “Cloudy” by Simon and Garfunkel.

© janet m. webb 2016

I was just getting into my walk when out of the corner of my eye, I saw an alien space ship. I didn’t see it landing, but I saw where it had attached itself to a bit of native flora. Not sure where the aliens had gone. I suspect they were hiding.

Hmmm, almost forgot. I’m supposed to nominate someone. Let’s see.  Sandra, are you interested?  If so, please jump right in.  If not, you should visit her blog anyway.  Not only does she take photos, she’s an amazing writer.

© janet m. webb 2016

Sue at WordVisual has invited me to take part in the Seven Day Nature Challenge, seven days of nature photos and a further nomination each day.  Not sure there’s anyone I know left to nominate, but as nature’s what I photograph most of the time, I’m glad to hop in and participate.

This shot is from this fall on the river in the park where I regularly walk, watching the seasons change as I renew my soul. For today, I nominate Judy at New England Garden and Thread.  Judy not only enjoys nature, she cares for and creates nature in her garden.  Judy, you’re welcome to participate or not as you choose.

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