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The Sharlott Hall Museum in Prescott yielded more doors than just the safe doors I featured last week. This first door is attached to probably one of the most uncomfortable ways invented ever to ride–the stagecoach. Never mind the plush bit on the inside of the door. People were crammed in together inside and bathing wasn’t a regular thing “back in the day”, there was no air conditioning, suspension and wheels weren’t the smoothest, drivers might have had a little something before driving, and there was always the possibility of hold-ups. But the climate people would love them–no gas, oil, or even electricity. Maybe there’s a stagecoach in your future! 🙂


One week ago Marsha (AlwaysWrite) and I met Jodie (Jodie’s Touch of Style), her husband and photographer Rob, and friend and model Leslie at Prescott’s Sharlot Hall Museum, a real jewel in Prescott. Always on the hunt for doors, I snapped shots of some elegant safe doors. No hiding these behind a painting but it would take some doing to remove them even knowing where they were!! Also no doubt about the company that made each safe.

And inside, another set of doors.

After all those, there’s only one thing to say: Stay safe out there. 🙂

Thursday Doors 1.19.23