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I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers for a few weeks now, enjoying Christmas and New Years with family and friends and making another epic drive Sunday through Tuesday.  On the 9th, I head to Arizona to visit my parents and my brother and his family.   My parents don’t have internet (don’t need it if you don’t have a computer) and since all their connected neighbors are so crass as to have protected wi-fi, my access is limited to the time I spend at the library or a Starbucks.  It’s a mixed blessing–I miss being online and it’s a struggle to get through email, blog posts, etc. when I am online, but it’s an amazingly freeing experience as well.

As for this week, if the pun is truly the lowest form of humor, I’m well below the limbo level with my offering.  I could plead insanity, but why bother?  It will be all to clear to any of you reading beyond my intro!  And I cheerfully admit I enjoyed every minute of it.  I hope you find it a tree-t.

May 2014 be a blessed year for each of you, filled with joy, health and wonder.

tree-climbing-poppyPhoto courtesy of Rochelle’s daughter-in-law

Genre:  Humor (I hope.)

Not Just Another Old Chestnut

“What the devil, Sherlock?  Why do yew have a wooden replica of the Hound up there?”

“ Acorny story, Watson.  He started to bark at trees, then branched out to climbing them; just pined for them, couldn’t leaf them alone.   I wood quake like an aspen at first, but everything seemed oak-ay until he ran up this one..  He was rooted  in place, his fir stood up and he turned into the wooden statue you see here.  A shame, but he looks very spruce up there.  I guess olive with it.

“But how…?”

“Elmementary, my dear Watson.  It’s a dog-wood.”


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