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Thursday was the first real day of spring:  temperatures climbing to a bit of 70 F, first day without a coat/jacket needed, sunshine all day…and this little beauty discovered under a bush in our front  yard.  Thankfully, all our daffodils/narcissus seem to have survived the many nights of below-freezing temperatures and are either already blooming or getting ready to do so.  We may have a few more cold days before temperatures settle into the mid-fifties during the day, spring weather and so welcome!

Debbie hosts Six-Word Saturday every week and these six words made me happier to write than perhaps any I’ve used to far.

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I promised you the rest of the birthday story.  This is it.

I have a history with bread machines.  When they first came out, I wanted one.  My husband’s boss told him a KitchenAid was better, so my husband, wanting the best for me, got one. It was great…except that it didn’t make bread.  Dough, yes; bread, no.  So we got a bread machine.  As my husband said, the first loaf cost $250, the second only $125, and the cost kept dropping.  I made bread almost every day and waking to the scent of newly baked bread, thanks to a timer, was exquisite…until the horrible day when we woke to no scent.  The machine wasn’t broken, our noses had just adjusted.

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Sue at WordsVisual recently shared a number of photos featuring light.  Here’s my Six-Word Saturday entry for this week in honor of all the lovely light she photographed.  This is were the early morning sunshine hits the contents of a small table on our second floor and it always commands my attention and appreciation.

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It’s not about the photo today, but about the savings and about the way I always like to shop.  I have, at times, actually saved more than I spent, and always on things I would buy anyway.  Happy Saturday!  I’m off to work shortly.

You can see more Six-Word Saturday entries on Debbie’s blog.

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Snow cone heads in the park not long ago. Enjoying the warmer weather now. Look closely. Spring is just around the corner (although the corner may be still some distance away.)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Part of Six-Word Saturday.

It’s Saturday and thus time for Six Word Saturday, hosted by Debbie at Travel With Intent.  She also hosts One Word Sunday, whose theme tomorrow is “Fish” or “Fishy.”   While searching for an entry for either or both, I found a photo that works for both.  However, I’ll only use it for Six Word Saturday, playing off a line from a Paul Simon song, “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover” (which is also six words, but not as much fun, at least in my mind.)  Some of these fish appear to be a bit coy and there’s definitely something fishy about the photo as well as that “koi” in the title, so make of all that what you will and have a happy Saturday!

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Can a heart have thoughts?  It must, because with the snow melting, the weather warming, the sun out, my fancies turn not to love (I’m blessed to already have that), but to spring.  To that warmth that isn’t really warm except by contrast.  To the brave bits of bright colors peeping out from under all those neutrals.  To the life lurking under all that mud.  To the sounds of birds and dripping water.  To the rebirth of life.

This is what my heart sees.

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