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for One Word Sunday

Tina’s challenging us to go big this week and as we flew back from California and the BIG weekend wedding in Baja, California, I looked out the window of our Southwest plane to see this big, beautiful view of the Rockies.   It wasn’t as beautiful as the wedding, but it was pretty darn good!

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

It’s Thursday, April 5, as I write this, over two weeks from the first official day of spring…and it’s snowing, those big, fat, whirling flakes that look so pretty…in winter…and there are snow symbols on my weather app for Saturday and Sunday, too.   I know I can’t complain when I look at what my friends in the northeast US have been facing but come on!  I love snow in winter, but I’m officially more than done with it and the cold weather.  Please, just stop!  Enough already!  If I were in New England, it would be “ENOUGH ALREADY!!!” (caps intended).

Despite the cold weather, I’ve been walking in the park some mornings.  Every time I pull into the parking lot of the building complex where I’ve been parking to go in the back way until the new bridge is finished, I think “I should have brought a garbage bag to pick up all this trash.”  So I put several large garbage bags and some latex gloves in the van, so that I could actually do something about it.  A few days ago, after my walk, I tackled the mess.

I hadn’t taken the garbage-picker-upper stick that we bought last year at Menard’s, so I put a glove over my right hand winter glove and began:  stoop, drop into the bag, move, repeat.  I was doing really well when suddenly my wool cap was almost snatched from my head.  What was going on?  I’d forgotten in my ecological frenzy to watch for the burs/burrs about head high all around me, the same ones that get stuck in the coats of the dogs when my friend and I walk them, the same ones that are the subject of endless photos highlighting the beauty of dead things.  This was their ugly side.

And a sticky ugly side at that.  Even worse, one little devil had managed to get into my hair after the others tugged my cap mostly off.  Ouch!  I spent quite a bit of time trying to free my hair after getting the big stickers off my cap.  That cap got tucked down my jacket front, as I was warming up, and after my hair was free, I went back to work.

(You know, of course, that burrs and their tenacious stick-to-it-iveness are what inspired the creation of Velcro, a wonderful use for something so irritating in the wild! I know that, too, but it didn’t make me feel any better at the time.)

I’d made a clean sweep, so to speak, of most of the area and had a full bag, when I bent over to capture an errant piece of paper and spotted…a $20 bill!!!  I kid you not!  I could hardly believe it and the rate of pay was much higher per hour than my part time job.  



To top it all off, a woman came out from the office building to thank me and offer to put my garbage bag into their dumpster.  I was happy, she was happy, the park was happy, and I was happy again this morning when I walked by the relatively pristine area.  I’ll make another foray at some point or perhaps at another spot, but I doubt that the pay will be as good.  I’ll have to settle for a sense of doing what’s right.  That works, too.




Snow cone heads in the park not long ago. Enjoying the warmer weather now. Look closely. Spring is just around the corner (although the corner may be still some distance away.)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Part of Six-Word Saturday.

My walk in the park this week burned a lot more calories than usual due to 10+ inches of snow.  I’d been working either at the pastry shop or around the house (or trying not to get sick), so Saturday morning, I had to get out, phone in fanny pack and camera in camera pack.  This is what met my eyes when I backed out of the garage.

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No one had yet been out at the park when I arrived.  There were tracks from the day before, filled up rather well with new snow.  The section down to the river hadn’t been walked on at all since the snow began.  I won’t say I floundered, but it was hard work and my eyes were watering as well.

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Even when the park is empty in the morning, there’s evidence of a lively night life as evidenced by these tracks.  I might not glimpse anything but birds, but in the words made famous by the little girl in “Poltergeist”, “They’re heeeere.”

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

This is what I’m waiting for!  We’ve had frost and no real snow yet.  But just Thursday morning, I was surprised and thrilled to open the garage door to a dusting of snow, enough to whet my taste for more.  After all, if it’s going to be in the teens before wind chill, there might as well be some beautiful snow!

These shots are from just over a year ago and even if you’re somewhere warm (or especially if you’re somewhere warm), you can sit back and enjoy the snow without any of the cold or shoveling.  So grab that cup of tea or coffee and just relax and enjoy the weekend.  But I’ve got to work both days, so I’m off.  ‘Bye for now.

It’s winter, the time for snow.  But this isn’t snow.  This is sugar on blueberries waiting to be made into blueberry crisp.  Oddball?  Maybe for a photo, but not for the taste buds!

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Talented artist Jesh has a weekly All Seasons challenge going on, this week with an extended deadline.  I’m adding another winter shot because I love winter!  🙂  Although all our snow has melted, I’m still enjoying the memories of this first big snow of the season and the brave color still flown by this small tree.

© janet m. webb 2016