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Update on day one of my trip yesterday. After checking off all the items on my list and cleaning the entire house, I was ready to leave early Tuesday morning. (Do you clean before you leave or not worry about it? I figure it’s better to start clean.) Some years ago I made a master list of all the things I’m likely to take on a trip, print a copy prior to each long trip I put it off, cross off items I won’t need and check off the items I need as I pack them. Makes life so much easier!

Woke before my alarm went off, had breakfast, packed the coolers, and pulled out at 4:30 AM. Most of the way to Winslow, Arizona, (where I did NOT stand on a corner) was lovely. In fact, there was so much green on the entire drive that it was delightful. I had a book on CD playing and food in my cooler within easy reach as I only stop for gas and bathroom breaks, preferably with both at the same stop. I covered over 700 miles with just two stops, pleasantly surprised to find that gas prices hovering right around three dollars or less.

Got into some horrific rain in Texas, sky like night, raining so hard that you could hardly see, vehicles driving with their flashers on, but I made it safely to Amarillo. Right now I’m watching a hockey playoff game. That’s it. Only about 650 miles tomorrow, so a reasonable day, hopefully without bad thunderstorms. I drove through more rain today than we’ve gotten in Arizona in the 13+ months we’ve been in Arizona. I’m not kidding!

Happy Wednesday!

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