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Tina’s challenging us to go big this week and as we flew back from California and the BIG weekend wedding in Baja, California, I looked out the window of our Southwest plane to see this big, beautiful view of the Rockies.   It wasn’t as beautiful as the wedding, but it was pretty darn good!

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It’s mother-daughter time, so I’m flying my favorite airlines, Southwest, to Philadelphia for a few days.  Enjoy yourselves while I’m gone, because I’ll be enjoying myself.  See you Tuesday.

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You gotta do something while waiting for luggage to emerge from the bowels of the airport onto the baggage carousel.  In my case, after choosing just the right spot, I take photos of the carousel.  🙂  Sally’s Black and White theme for the third Monday of the month seems like the perfect place for this shot.  We’re making  12+ hour trip today from Philadelphia to Chicago, but we’re driving, so our luggage is all with us and flies free, just like it does on Southwest.  Yes, that’s a shameless plug for my favorite airline.

Happy Monday!

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Wednesday, I left Ohio for the sunny warmth of Arizona, on a Southwest flight delayed by the departure of Airforce One from Cleveland at the moment when our baggage was about to loaded on the plane.  If you could see the airport and surrounding area at the time, it would appear as a movie when there’s a glitch and everything freezes for a few minutes, then resumes just where it left off a few moments earlier. (more…)