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Recently I did a post about how much fun spam could be (as long as caught by the spam filter.)  Not long after that, I came across another gem that had been pulled from circulation and left to languish in the WordPress spam folder.  I share it with you now to give a bit of a smile to your Saturday, followed up by a link to the original “Spam, spam, spam.”  (Evidently, I was enjoying spam back in 2013 as well.) All that’s left now is a visit to the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.  We’ve passed by the museum on our way to Wyoming every summer, but have yet to stop, usually due to arriving at a time when the museum is closed.  Ah, well, everyone must have a travel goal to keep life interesting.  And now, as some of you expressed interest last time for more examples of spam, here is my current spam gem:

Heya this is genial of of dispatch topic simply I was lackikng to live if blogs use of goods and services Application editors or if you get to manually encrypt with Hypertext markup language. I’m start a web log soon merely take nno cryptography expertness so Icherished to buzz off steering from mortal with have. Any aid would be tremendously comprehended!