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Recently I did a post about how much fun spam could be (as long as caught by the spam filter.)  Not long after that, I came across another gem that had been pulled from circulation and left to languish in the WordPress spam folder.  I share it with you now to give a bit of a smile to your Saturday, followed up by a link to the original “Spam, spam, spam.”  (Evidently, I was enjoying spam back in 2013 as well.) All that’s left now is a visit to the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.  We’ve passed by the museum on our way to Wyoming every summer, but have yet to stop, usually due to arriving at a time when the museum is closed.  Ah, well, everyone must have a travel goal to keep life interesting.  And now, as some of you expressed interest last time for more examples of spam, here is my current spam gem:

Heya this is genial of of dispatch topic simply I was lackikng to live if blogs use of goods and services Application editors or if you get to manually encrypt with Hypertext markup language. I’m start a web log soon merely take nno cryptography expertness so Icherished to buzz off steering from mortal with have. Any aid would be tremendously comprehended!

Spam can be fun!

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Miscellaneous
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I wanted to share what we had for our meal tonight, but I find it’s quite late and I don’t have time to do justice to it.  I’ll schedule it for next week.  But every so often, I enjoy looking at the spam in my spam folder and thought I’d instead share a couple current gems with you.

Here’s one that showed up while we were eating with friends we haven’t seen for many months:

It’s difficult to find educated people on this topic, however, you sound like you know what
you’re talking about! Thanks

That sounds both innocuous and complimentary…until you realize it was made in response to a Weekly Photo Challenge Photo!  I don’t imagine there was much talking at all and as it came from a “website” partially called “vanitylovingbathrooms”, I doubt that site and my post had much in common.

My other current spam is this:

І was recommended this website through my couѕin. I am no longer sure wɦether this publish is written bby way of him as no one else recognise suϲh precise approximately my problem. You are wondеrful!  Thank you!

This is also in response, supposedly, to a photo challenge and the purported website is something to do with genetics, so once again it’s unlikely to pertain to my photo post.  I’m happy to know, however,  that these people consider me well-informed and wonderful.  🙂

WordPress does a great job of catching spam, but I do enjoy the ones I find in my spam folder.  For the longest time, I got spam advertising air conditioners or heaters as auto sellers in various cities, all in response to the same photo post.  I deleted them daily, but did wonder how I’d gotten on their list.  I’ve also gotten extremely long ones that made no sense, but did have periodic forays into brand names, a bit like watching Spanish television and only understanding “Coca Cola” or some other English phrase every so often.  Not much point in getting upset about it, though, so I just read them and weep…usually with laughter…then hit “delete.”

Enjoy your weekend and any spam that might come your way.


Sunday spam

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Blogging, Humor
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I don’t often notice my WordPress spam folder but every so often, I realize some content has been added and I take a look.  The spam generally provides me quite a bit of amusement because it’s so obviously spam!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who sends me lengthy emails in foreign languages, interspersed periodically with bits of English that don’t make sense.  That type of spam has much in common with watching the Spanish television stations (for those of us who don’t speak Spanish):  minutes of the fastest talk on the planet suddenly broken by “Coca Cola” or some other English word.  Does anyone ever accidentally OK those messages or go to the sites from which they come?