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This morning’s been so relaxing (almost 2 hours on trails in the park taking photos and renewing my soul), that I found myself at the grocery store when my alarm went off, indicating five minutes until the photo challenge theme would be posted.  What was wrong with me?  I wasn’t at home, hunched over my keyboard, ready to meet the challenge as quickly as possible!  Heavens!

That’s relaxation for you and just so you know, I didn’t even speed on the way home.  Before I forget, the theme is “Intricate“, something found everywhere in nature and in the human body.  Intricacy is one of the reasons I can’t believe in evolution.  Not meaning to start any arguments, but to me, it beggars belief to believe that all these intricacies just happened to happen.

Several years ago during a wonderful trip to Cape May, New Jersey, I went out one morning to walk in the fog.  By sheer chance, I glanced to the side at just the right time to see this intricate bit of nature, enhanced by the fog drops. Soul food of the most filling kind!


Last Thanksgiving, we stayed a week in Cape May, New Jersey, a beautiful place. One morning it was foggy and I grabbed my iPad, heading out for a solitary, hushed walk. I almost missed this spider web, dripping with moisture. I like this picture because it’s not completely in focus and it’s naturally black and white. The droplets look like rhinestones, one of my favorite types of jewelry.   Here are the other responses to this week’s Black and White challenge.  Take a look.  It doesn’t take long and you’ll be glad you did.

Glittering droplets
Spectacular necklace for
Debutante spider