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Groups of animals have some intriguing and unusual names, such as a gulp of cormorants and others I mentioned several years ago in my post, “A Fine Kettle of FIsh.”  In “The Three Amigos”, El Guapo tells Jefe that he has  a “plethora of pinatas.”  (If you haven’t seen the movie, do, but also go to the link and read the first quote, which will clue you in on the pinata line.)

It’s spring, so I went to the file of haiku I’ve written over the years I’ve had my blog and pulled out the spring verses.  But what would I call the group?  A happenstance of haiku?  I’m partial to that.   A handsomeness of haiku?  A beaucoup of haiku?  At any rate, here are my spring haiku and you’re welcome to chime in on what the aggregate of them should be called.

 Spring Haiku

Are robins ever
Babies or do they emerge
Fat and red-breasted?

While we slept soundly
A spring fairy flitted ‘round
Tapping with green wand

In the dark of night
A green spring bomb exploded
Everywhere outside

White dogwood petals
Fall gently in spring snowfall
Wind shovels for me

Earth waits patiently
Watered by the melting snow
Ready for new growth

Frozen life unfurls
Green leaves stretch toward pale sunlight
Children play outside


Scent of hyacinths
Profusion of daffodils
I inhale beauty