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The saguaro cactus is a foundational plant in the Sonoran desert. The fruit is edible by humans and animals/birds. Dead cacti are useful as fuel for fires, once the cactus dies the ribs can be used in a variety of ways, and the thorns have been used in tattooing. But the most often observed used is as a home for birds, such as this mourning dove. Woodpeckers and flickers also like to live in these cacti.

for SquareUp 1.20.21

© janet m. webb

For One Word Sunday: skyline and SquareUp: sUPerb

Descanso Gardens again. Even in November there were flowers. Of course November in southern California isn’t December in many other places, but it that made it even more of a joy to see. It was UPlifting.

for SquareUp 1.15.21

for SquareUp 1.13.21

This guy may be little but he looks…intent? Ticked off? Determined? Whatever word you choose, he looks like he’s got more than a bit of attitude. The tie-in to Becky’s challenge is that I’m looking up at the bird and perhaps he thinks I’m an upstart for taking his photo! 🙂

© janet m. webb

for SquareUp 1.12.21

Although I often look down or out, today I’m looking up and joining Becky’s January Square Ups with a photo of a balloon I often see on my morning walks along the canal or in our neighborhood. I’d much rather be looking up at it than down from it, although I’m sure the views are spectacular. I just have a thing about heights.

for SquareUp 1.11.21