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for Six Word Saturday

Normally on Monday I’d be walking with Jo, but with our younger daughter home, we’ll be biking at the Indiana Dunes again today and as I get a post ready on Sunday night, I’ve decided to go with the Lens Artists Challenge of action.  Here are two different action shots for your viewing enjoyment.

© janet m. webb

Land-based action

© janet m. webb

Flying high

for the Lens Artists Challenge: Action

Yup, this fellow is definitely awake and ready for action!

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Have a wonderful, nutty Saturday!

nuts to you  copyright janet m. webb 2015

Glancing out the window a few days ago, I saw the six or seven squirrels that call our yard home frolicking madly around the yard. But I became concerned when I noticed one squirrel lying unmoving on its stomach. I had visions of it dying there, which would mean I’d have to pick it up and throw it out, not something I was looking forward to doing. Finally, I opened the window and made some noise until the squirrel moved and in a few more minutes, it was up racing madly around the yard with the rest of them. What a relief!





Glancing out the window a few days ago, I saw a squirrel who had hit the fast food jackpot.   He (she? How can you tell anyway?) grabbed a whole piece of bread that somehow ended up in our backyard, hustled over to the branch of the bush that was pushed down by the snow and began cramming the bread rapidly into his/her mouth. No time to waste!  Wish I’d thought to switch to video.  Guess I was just a little nuts.  🙂

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