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I know. To really be a classic still life, I’d need a dead rooster and some roses, but this is the Southwest, where bougainvillea and other flowering plants reign supreme over roses. 🙂

The other view

Sue at WordsVisual recently shared a number of photos featuring light.  Here’s my Six-Word Saturday entry for this week in honor of all the lovely light she photographed.  This is were the early morning sunshine hits the contents of a small table on our second floor and it always commands my attention and appreciation.

janet m. webb

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The fourth week of the month, Sally allows us to go a little wild and crazy, choosing our theme from a number of choices…maybe even one that’s not included…gasp!  My still life selection comes from Philadelphia’s Rim Cafe’s eclectic mix of decorations.

© janet m. webb 2017

This still life consists of a still life and painting in our house in Cleveland.  I loved the way the colors of the Chinese lanterns echoes that of both the inner mat and one of the colors in her shawl.  Unfortunately, the contents of the vase did not make the move with us.  The painting, however, did.


Monday’s haven’t been the same since Sally went traveling; good, but not the same.  Welcome back, Sally.  I hope you had a great trip and I’m sure we’ll be seeing photos of wherever you went.

The first Monday of the month means the theme is “Nature” as photographed with any non-traditional camera.  This weekend, after coming home from the farmers market, I was struck by the beauty of nature’s bounty that I’d bought, so that’s what I’m sharing today, at least a portion of it of what I brought home.  When I get home from my mini-road trip (for a baby shower for a friend and time with said friend), I can’t wait to start eating some of this!  I do love when the farmers markets are open again.

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