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Although the first several days of my southern California vacation were windy, cloudy, and a bit chilly, the sun finally came out, both in San Diego and in Redondo Beach and a good time was had by all. One of my daughter’s and my daily activities was taking a long walk, either by the beach or through neighborhoods with beautiful homes (and doors)…or both. We couldn’t see much of this house but they did have a lovely gate and some great planters and when there’s a four-lane road on the other side of the sidewalk, you want as much privacy as possible. Of course the other side, high above the beach and beach path, has a fantastic ocean view.

(Addendum: Due to traveling last Thursday, I forgot about the writing component of this week’s doors. Feel free to use any of these three doors as a writing prompt if you are so moved.)

If you have the money to have a home right at the edge of the hill overlooking the beach, you can also to afford enough vehicles to fill three garage spaces or perhaps you use one space for storage. But you definitely want your garage doors to match your gate.

Whatever vehicles went in those garage spots, this probably wasn’t one of them. I don’t think many people have a garage long enough for this classic beauty and certainly not with anything stored in front of it. We spotted this at the farmer’s market and it was in pristine condition.

for Thursday Doors 4.29.21

Everybody’s watching season 3 of Downton Abbey and what an enormous house that it!!  I know they had servants (and lots of them) but houses that size (or even half that size) always make me shudder when I think of the cleaning involved!

We don’t have Downton Abbey, but about a week ago, I posted pictures of a stone cottage on the former Blossom Estate near our house in Ohio,  Although the estate is mostly an upscale shopping area now, here’s a bit more left of the original estate, the buildings being used for various things.  There’s also an old greenhouse and a fabulous stone wall.  They look the way I think the out-buildings of Downton Abbey might have looked.

I think there’s something both special and homey about stone houses, at least on this scale.  I hope you enjoy this second look at a slice of life from the past.  Just imagine what the big house must have been like!!  Maybe not as large as Downton Abbey, but rather spectacular all the same. (more…)