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Just under two years ago, my Friday Fictioneers story was told in eight haiku, adding up to exactly one hundred words as well.  As I’ve learned more about haiku and written more, I’ve come to consider them the flash fiction of poetry, an attempt to tell a story in very few words a/o syllables.  I realize the generally the last line of a haiku isn’t connected to directly to the other two lines as mine are here.  But I’m still happy with what I produced.  It’s not easy to get the correct number of syllables, one hundred words and eight haiku that make sense and make a story that makes sense!   If you want to see the photo that inspired the story, you can click on the highlighted link.  Otherwise, just enjoy the journey here.

The Journey
Life in eight haiku

young and filled with hope
gentle smooth wide path beckons
birds singing in trees

walking together
joyful talk with much laughter
sturdy trees grow close

dangerous trail now
so slippery and narrow
easy to plunge off

when I trip or fall
your hands help me rise again
sun’s rays warm us both

dark verdant foliage
tempting us to turn aside
onto wayward path

weary from our walk
searching for flowered meadow
welcome refreshment

dark clouds overhead
continuing side by side
weathering the storms

long journey ending
we reach the top together
home awaits us there