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Sometimes it just takes one and nothing else can match it.  This door from Luxeuil-les-Bains, France was the one for me and, I hope, for you in this edition of Thursday Doors.  It felt very Audrey Hepburn.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.
Yves Saint Laurent

© janet m. webb

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.
Oscar Wilde

Helping our younger daughter update her wardrobe recently, we visit Nordstrom Rack in downtown Philadelphia where I caught sight of this slogan, looking even cooler in the resulting photo than in real life.  We didn’t find anything there, but we scored at Forever 21 and Buffalo Exchange, the latter, despite it’s western-sounding sobriquet, a chain of thrift/vintage stores.  My pocketbook rejoiced and our daughter did as well.  Win-win…and that’s not even counting the photos I took.

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Phones, like  many other things, have gone through multitudinous changes and each change comes faster than the last.  In the case of 4G, the change comes before it’s even arrived, since not many places even have 4G, but the companies are selling it as if it were universal already!  Although I don’t have a smart phone (I like to be smarter than my phone), here’s a pictorial progression, based on phones we actually own. (more…)