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One Word Sunday 7.17.22

Eye Spy“, this week’s theme, can be interpreted in a variety of ways, all of which I’m looking forward to seeing (with my eyes) throughout the week.  In this photo, the eye of the camera spied some visitors I hadn’t initially seen.  My eye saw through the eye of the camera and then also saw the eyes of the insect visitors, some of them sitting on or near what appears to be the eye of the sunflower.  The eyes have it!  Aye!

sunflower copyright janet m. webb 2013

Where does the time go?  We’re already beginning a new month, which means today’s theme is once again, “Nature.”  My entry this week is seasonal, depicting harvest, end-of-the-summer-coming-of-fall, and the glorious sunshine colors of summer. And today is Labor Day in the United States, a day when we both honor labor and rest from it.  I hope you have time to spend outside, enjoying the beauty of nature, today and every day.

Other than the border, I’ve done no editing whatsoever on this photo.

copyright janet m. webb 2014

Just a little sculpture in a field

Up early, we breakfast with the bikers, then get on our way.  The speed limit in South Dakota is 75, so the van flies along at a steady 80, eating up the miles.  South Dakota is flat but beautiful, misty this morning after last night’s rain.  There are rolls of hay everywhere and the bright stubble from the baled hay stands in sharp contrast to the sky and the deep green of the soybean fields.  The corn is suffering; the dry-land corn is truly dry and looks crinkly.  Even corn that’s been irrigated doesn’t have as many ears per stalk.  Many fields look ready for harvest but it’s much too early.  This bodes ill not only for farmers but for everyone, since corn is a part of so many products.  Many spots usually filled with water are either just cracked earth or have only a little water in them.  Fields of sunflowers give a Provencal look to some areas.  Their bright yellow faces turned toward the sun, they appear to contradict the dryness surrounding them. (more…)