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Happy Wednesday, the last Wednesday, if you can believe it, of July.  Where’s the summer gone?  But no matter how fast it goes by, each Wednesday brings a new Photo Challenge theme and today that’s “Satisfaction.” I guess that means we can get some satisfaction, right?  🙂

I love road trips, nature, and beauty, so a combination of all three gives me a great deal of satisfaction.  This South Dakota sunset was so beautiful that I pulled off the highway and took some photos, not content so simply see it in my rearview mirror!

11:35 am EST, Wednesday, July 26…Can anyone else see comments or pingbacks from the Photo Challenge?  I tried two browsers and I’m not seeing anyone’s entries, including my own.

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I realized this morning that the photo I used for the challenge, chosen last night after a very long day, was one I took with my Nikon and not my phone.  I used both during my trip, so I got a bit confused.  So for Sally’s challenge and this week’s theme, “Nature,” I submit this one instead, taken my last night in the desert, a fitting farewell photo.



As the sun begins to set on the Weekly Photo Challenge, two hours late and not counting any longer, I offer you my own photo for the week, taken just last night as Bill and I took a walk around the lake.  Enjoy the peace and have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday sunset

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If a red sky at night is a sailor’s delight, there were many delighted sailors on this night.


Wow!  Can’t believe I forgot to check my email for the photo challenge.  That’s what happens when I get distracted by the fun of Skyping with my best friend.  🙂  The theme this week is “Horizon” and here’s my entry, two very different horizons I enjoyed recently.