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Jude’s moved from purple to white as the color of the month, maybe in deference to the white heat of Arizona (106F today). While back in the park during my recent trip to Illinois, I spotted one of a pair of mute swans. My guess is that this is the male and the female is either somewhere sitting on a nest of eggs or hanging out with tiny cygnets. I managed to creep up relatively close to this one by walking along a back path, moving very slowly once I got within sight, and then stay more or less behind some bushes.While beautiful to see, swans are often very aggressive so it’s just as well I wasn’t too close.

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There’s a nature preserve in Cape May Point, just across the street from our friends’ house.  We walked there daily, ending at the beach.  Birding is one of the main pastimes in Cape May and although I’m not a big birder (as opposed to a Big Bird-er), we saw quite a few, including these swans.  When swans take off, they sound quite a lot like planes or helicopters and it’s quite funny to see them eating with only their large white bodies above the water. (more…)