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On Thursday Doors we often say there’s “just something about a red door”, so let’s indulge today and go red. We recently drove to Carefree, Arizona (isn’t that a great name?) and after our business was done, spent a little time walking around. This tea shop is one I’ve seen before but never tried and as it wasn’t open, that remains the same. It is a little frou-frou for me but it has a red door, so…

They also had what’s probably a faux British telephone booth but it is that iconic red. Sorry about being in the shot but there wasn’t much I could do. But I’m not the only one there.

Look who’s inside!

We had an amazing lunch at the unprepossessing Indian Village in Cave Creek. But when you see the tacos for your Indian tacos made by hand in the small kitchen, you can be pretty sure you’re in the right place. Indian tacos have as their base fry bread, a flat dough bread fried or deep fried, then topped with taco ingredients or with powered sugar or other sweet toppings. My husband even got a hot dog wrapped in fry bread which he raved about. But doors. Yes. This sign was on the door, so that counts, right? 🙂

Thursday Doors 2.2.23