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The new series of ads Mark Wahlberg is doing for AT&T makes me both furious and depressed.  Here’s the one that really got me going.

(Full disclosure:  We don’t have AT&T and are in no way recommending them. However, we do watch some television.)

 “The entertainment-loving people of America” should be able to watch their favorite TV whenever and however they want. Every room a TV room and when you’re not in the house, take the TV with you.

This is supposed to be a good thing? 


I confess!!  No more torturing me to see if I’ve told the truth.  I love “Blue Bloods” and I love Tom Selleck!  OK.  Are you satisfied now???  (Note to husband: no worries.  You’re still #1 in my life. And you look pretty darn good yourself!) (more…)

I’ve learned I love “What Not to Wear”. Who’d have thought? Besides having to periodically scrape my jaw off the floor when I see what some people do wear, I’ve learned the following:

• Stacy and I will never agree completely on what constitutes a comfortable shoe. Cute, maybe;
comfortable, no.

• My wardrobe isn’t all that bad.

• There are some things Clinton and Stacy ought not to wear.

• Try on things you think might not look good or that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Sometimes you’ll
find something that looks great.

• Your family and friends DO notice what you wear…and they love you anyway.

• $5,000 goes farther when shopping in NYC than I’d ever imagined.

• Once you’ve used up the credit card, money goes even farther at the thrift store!! OK, I didn’t learn
that from “What Not to Wear”, yet it is true and thrifty and fun.

• Hair stylists think every woman needs her hair colored. I don’t agree.

• What you see in the mirror and what others see when they look at you are often wildly divergent.

• It’s difficult to take advice gracefully and gratefully. But it’s also difficult to give advice gracefully
and inoffensively. If it were all given and taken gracefully, gratefully and inoffensively, no one
would watch the show.

• Bras are a good thing.

• Always have something that “pops”, some bit of color somewhere.

• Most women in the US must have more purses than I do. That’s OK with me. I’d rather buy books.

• Clothes aren’t the most important thing about you, but they can get in the way of people seeing what
that most important thing is.

• Some clothes should never be made in any country by anyone, union worker/homemaker/slave
labor/other, and if made, should never by worn…by anyone.

• I will never refer to a woman’s breasts as “The Girls” (caps intended)!! Ever!! If I do, just shoot me.