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About the end of the 7th century BC, Phyrgia was conquered by the Lydians and after them, the Persians captured Gordion.  The massive walls and gates built by the Phyrgians were overcome by a giant earthen siege ramp pushed against one fort, which provided a launching place for arrows and firebrands.  No one knows where Midas himself is buried.

Today the excavation of Gordion continues. Most of the over-250 acres and burial mounds remain to be explored, even though excavation has gone on for more than 60 years.  Who knows what other treasures will be discovered as work continues?

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Cauldron detail; siren and demon attachments


Roof tiles were invented in Greece in the 7th century BC, probably reaching Phrygia about 600 BC.  Geometric patterns were used in addition to animal motifs. The city of Gordion must have been a beautiful sight with these terracotta decorations.

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