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Having a difficult time figuring out what to get that person that has everything?  Having a hard time coming up with a list for yourself because you have everything you need?  Consider something different.  Consider giving a child a bike in the name of that person-with-everything and then send your friend a card telling him/her what you did.  It will be the best gift s/he receives.  Of course, you can give one from you or from you and your family as well.  It’s a great way to show the true spirit of Christmas giving to your children.

A year ago, my husband took his love of bicycling to a new, more inclusive level.  He decided he’d like to give at least two new bicycles per Christmas to children whose parents couldn’t afford to buy them.  We started a small charity, 2Wheels2Kids and encouraged people to buy a bike and give it to a child in their city, then send us a photo of the child with the bike so Bill could post the photo on the blog.  We also said that if people preferred sending us money, we’d use it to buy bikes and gift them here.

In 2013, we gifted two bikes to two boys here.  (You can see photos on the blog.)  We also sent money to two women to buy bikes for their children.  We were sent donations by two people to help with this–one with enough to buy a bike plus a helmet.

This year, we’ve ordered two bikes already, since we have two names.  The same wonderful woman who donated enough for a bike and helmet last year did the same this year.  We may be getting another name and if so, we’ll get another bike.

It’s impossible to adequately describe the joy we saw in the two boys to whom we presented bikes as well as that of their parents.  We invite you to participate if you’d like to do so or if you can.  Look in your area–churches are a great place to start, as they often know who is a single parent or not well-off.  If you give a bike, send us a photo and we’ll put in on the 2Wheels2Kids website.  Not only will you have given a gift that makes a child happy, you’ll have given one to yourself as well.

If you would like to donate a small amount or if you’d like to buy a bike but don’t want to do it where you live, you may send a check to us at the address on the 2Wheels website.  If we don’t have enough for another bike or can’t find another child this year, we will put the money in a special account and use it next year.  We don’t have charity status, so you can’t claim a charitable contribution.  One of these years…