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February 2nd, I start working in a tea shop, turning me a tea-rista eventually.  I’m looking forward to it, although I have to master the cash register (a Microsoft program, so beware) as well as learn about over 100 teas, among other things. I love working with people, so that part will be right up my alley. But what really threw me was the paperwork needed these days to get a job!

Besides an informational sheet, there’s a six-page employment agreement, full of WHEREAS’s , THEREFORE’s, and EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYER, including a non-compete agreement that in essences bars me from working at another teashop within a 25-mile radius (the entire Chicago metropolitan area, I presume) for 2 years after quitting work at this shop.

I’m pretty good with all that, although I often wonder why these things can’t be written in basic English. When I was studying physical education, when you shouldn’t do an exercise or something else, it was always “contraindicated.” I know what that means, but why not just say, “Don’t do this exercise?”


I realized suddenly tonight after reading an email from an online friend and a serendipitous Facebook post, that Bill and I have suddenly become part of a select group of those parents who have an empty nest. And I’m more than just OK with that.