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Spring is coming, despite the temperatures that are falling to below freezing for most of the next five days and nights.  Hopefully, all the intrepid plants that have relentlessly grown daily will survive!

I managed to survive my Thursday.  Put the tax information in the mail for our tax preparer.  Got my latest books from the library (tough, I know, but it had to be done.)  Ran errands, worked at home things.  Then bounced back and forth from one airline site to another to a site that gathers all airlines together and back and forth, before finally getting my ticket for France!!  Wading through the morass of choices was almost overwhelming. Gee, did I want to make only one stop/change but spend all night at Heathrow?  I think not.  I manged to find decent times and layovers and a price that I could live with, if not love.  Then on to fixing dinner, getting a post ready, and next, hockey and a beer.  And in that spirit, cheers!  This bud’s for you.

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