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Today as we drove downtown to the library, we passed parking for the Rib Fest which runs Friday through Sunday.  I noticed that the parking signs said there was a “$13.00 donation” for parking, to be donated to some youth group.  That’s all well and good, but the word “donation” means a gift.  Surely not everyone decides to give a gift of $13.00.  What if I came to park and said I didn’t want to donate?  I don’t think you’d see my van in that parking lot! (more…)

Silence isn’t really silent.  There are always noises of some sort.  What the sounds of silence are depends on where you are. (more…)

To laugh often and much; (more…)

Are you blessed?  Do you ever feel the weight of those blessings?  I’m very blessed but sometimes it feels like a problem.  Or like the weight bar in the picture below, crushing me underneath.


I went to Half Price Books today to look for a book for my husband and as I strolled into the aisle for clearance books, I came upon a disturbing sight.  (more…)

I wake at 4 again this morning, eye the clock, then decide, “No, too early”, considering my later night last night and the faint caffeine and brain buzz that kept me just this side of the edge of sleep for awhile.  Besides, today I don’t have to cross two time zones, losing two hours in one day. (more…)

Admit it.  Don’t you think diaries are, if not a little creepy, often a little too revealing, too much like watching daytime television?  Don’t we all sound a bit deranged and in need of treatment when we go back and read about our emotional excesses and maybe even actual excesses? (more…)

Your dog loves you.  Period…unless you do something to break that bond.  And even then, she’ll probably love you again anyway or at least try to. (more…)

“The future has many names: For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity.” ~ Victor Hugo


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