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…a very good place to start.
When you read, you begin with A, B, C,
but a throwback’s all about me, me, me.”

I’m throwing back quite some time here, way back to the era of black and white photos, as well as to yours truly with Mom, Dad, and in the comfy chair.


My mom and dad

photo 2(96)

I still have a few hours before it becomes Friday, at least here in the middle of the US.  This softball team photo  is from the late 70’s, when I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado after graduation from college so that I could live in the mountains and ski.  During the summers, I played softball (as I’d been playing it since I was very, very young), even playing on a men’s team in the preseason one summer.  The league wouldn’t let me play on the men’s team during the year.  Their excuse was that men might want to play on the women’s teams.  Not even a very good excuse, but it was fun while it lasted. That’s me with the Farrah Fawcett haircut in the front middle.


As it’s almost time for a very special celebration–my 60th birthday– I thought some throwback photos might be fun.  I suppose they should be photos of me as a baby and growing older, but I found these and really like them, so…

Grandparents on my dad's side

Grandparents on my dad’s side

My parents.  Not sure whose dog that is.

My parents. Not sure whose dog that is.

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