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Taking a dip in the archives today to feature some Hermosa Beach beach-side doors from an earlier trip to California. There was some lovely glass and you even get a bit of a selfie with the ocean in the background, something I didn’t realize was happening at the time. It felt like a California day here today (Wednesday): 83 for the high, beautiful weather for sitting outside with a beer. Happy Thursday!

Thursday Doors 3.30.23

Many of you will be happy to know that the tiny house yard in Redondo Beach featured some new structures when we strolled by with Ryland and fortified with coffee and goodies from Sweet Wheat. The door of this first one seems rather small compared to the rocks making up the house. Anyone else flashing on the Rock Monster on Galaxy Quest???

Here you get three doors (including the one for the mailbox) as well as a fairy.

It’s key to note that the music store could use a good cleaning. I think we’re all in a-cord about that, aren’t we? 🙂 You also get a bonus tiny, tiny door in the background! More tiny doors over the next few weeks.

Dan’s serving up leftovers at his place today. They’re always tasty so be sure to visit and bring your appetite for doors!

There’s a lot of street art in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach, which is great. This underwater sea-ne adorned the side a building not far from our B&B. And yes, of course, there were doors. 🙂 Much better than looking at the blank side of a boring building, right?

Thursday Doors 3.16.23

Our California vacation didn’t turn out exactly as planned (understatement!) but I did manage to find two more power-full doors that I thought you might like. After deciding to use the slider, I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find it, only to realize it’s called “image compare.” 🙂 As we were in southern California, our son-in-law surfs (not pictured on this first box!), and maybe because these boxes featured surfboards, a reference to the Beach Boys seemed apropos.

You get a bonus skateboard in this second set. A side note: one of the locations mentioned in “Surfin’ USA” is Redondo Beach, home of these boxes and our family.

If everybody had an ocean
Across the U.S.A
Then everybody’d be surfin’
Like Californi-a
You’d see them wearing their baggies
Huarache sandals too
A bushy bushy blond hairdo
Surfin’ U.S.A

Thursday Doors 3.9.23

You already know from several of my previous posts that Mission San Xavier del Bac south of Tucson, Arizona is beautiful with doors that are the same. Now you can see that they also have attractive gates. The design on this first one is purely Southwest.

This one is more church-related but after all, it is a mission. 🙂

The last gate isn’t remarkable, but the surrounding entryway definitely appeals and I liked the way the whole photo set up. Don’t go running out that gate at night (or any time) without looking where you’re going. Cacti are very unforgiving!

Thursday Doors 2.23.23

We door people often bemoan care impede our door photos but here the cars are the stars and I couldn’t get rid of the background noise. To get the first shot, I had to stop in the street while staying in the car. I have a soft spot and an eagle eye for Beetles as I drove my well-loved, bright yellow ’74 Super Beetle for many years We have a friend back in Illinois who’s restored an old Bug so I take photos of them whenever possible to send back to him. He can immediately tell me the year of any of them.

Someone’s been taking good care of this beauty!

Southern California is the place to find older a/o restored cars due to the lack of snow, ice, and salt. It’s also a good place to leave the top down on your car a great deal of the year.

Thursday Doors 2.16.23

Obviously, to get into a church, you have to go through a door. Here’s the set of doors at the entrance to The White Dove AKA Mission San Xavier del Bac near Tuscon, Arizona. If you missed the two posts I did on the mission on Monday and Tuesday, the links are at the end of this post. As the mission might have, at times, need to be defended, strong wooden doors were a great ideas as well as being attractive.

Look to the left after entering and you’ll see another wooden door leading to who knows where and with a bonus gate. 🙂

To the right was a faux door with a faux bar and faux lock. Nicely done!

That’s it for today’s episode of Thursday Doors, hosted by Father Dan. Have pictures of doors? You’re welcome to join, Just click on the highlighted link above. Just interested in doors? Do the same and then click on some of the links you’ll find there.

My Monday post is here, the follow-up Tuesday post here. For a virtual 360 degree look at the mission, click here. The virtual look is beautiful, well worth the less-than-a-minute it takes, and no scaffolding!

On Thursday Doors we often say there’s “just something about a red door”, so let’s indulge today and go red. We recently drove to Carefree, Arizona (isn’t that a great name?) and after our business was done, spent a little time walking around. This tea shop is one I’ve seen before but never tried and as it wasn’t open, that remains the same. It is a little frou-frou for me but it has a red door, so…

They also had what’s probably a faux British telephone booth but it is that iconic red. Sorry about being in the shot but there wasn’t much I could do. But I’m not the only one there.

Look who’s inside!

We had an amazing lunch at the unprepossessing Indian Village in Cave Creek. But when you see the tacos for your Indian tacos made by hand in the small kitchen, you can be pretty sure you’re in the right place. Indian tacos have as their base fry bread, a flat dough bread fried or deep fried, then topped with taco ingredients or with powered sugar or other sweet toppings. My husband even got a hot dog wrapped in fry bread which he raved about. But doors. Yes. This sign was on the door, so that counts, right? 🙂

Thursday Doors 2.2.23

The Sharlott Hall Museum in Prescott yielded more doors than just the safe doors I featured last week. This first door is attached to probably one of the most uncomfortable ways invented ever to ride–the stagecoach. Never mind the plush bit on the inside of the door. People were crammed in together inside and bathing wasn’t a regular thing “back in the day”, there was no air conditioning, suspension and wheels weren’t the smoothest, drivers might have had a little something before driving, and there was always the possibility of hold-ups. But the climate people would love them–no gas, oil, or even electricity. Maybe there’s a stagecoach in your future! 🙂


One week ago Marsha (AlwaysWrite) and I met Jodie (Jodie’s Touch of Style), her husband and photographer Rob, and friend and model Leslie at Prescott’s Sharlot Hall Museum, a real jewel in Prescott. Always on the hunt for doors, I snapped shots of some elegant safe doors. No hiding these behind a painting but it would take some doing to remove them even knowing where they were!! Also no doubt about the company that made each safe.

And inside, another set of doors.

After all those, there’s only one thing to say: Stay safe out there. 🙂

Thursday Doors 1.19.23