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Once my trip to California was finalized, my husband instructed me to find a tidal pool. Because I always do what he says (cough, cough), over the Fourth of July weekend, Shannon and I went to the type of beach I prefer: a beach with lots of rocks and a bit of beach, although it was too chilly to be interested in lying in the sun, even if it had been out.  We managed to find a parking spot in the lot, then took the long, steep path to the beach.  I was relieved to see the following sign, banning what would have been much too much visual information for me!



We’d timed it so we’d be there are low tide, so as to have the best chance of finding something of interest exposed.  Keeping one eye on the rocks, we tried each before stepping, while keeping the other eye on the pools of water, searching for interesting sea life of any kind. I was hoping for starfish, but although we didn’t find any, we did find a number of other photogenic and interesting critters.