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We’re back in Sedona again this week, on the prowl for doors at Tlaquepaque once more. Let’s begin the beguine with some rather impressive gates, doors to the shopping complex.

This chapel is used for weddings at, I’m sure, a hefty price, but oh, the atmosphere!


I had occasion not long ago to take my parents to Sedona, Arizona and time to kill while they went about their business. I headed back to the lovely shopping area of Tlaquepaque, where I thought I’d relax and look around. I also ended up finding some Christmas presents and a great pair of earrings for myself, so that worked out well. Of course Tlaquepaque also has some doors and gates worthy of including in a Thursday Doors post, but I had to be careful not to include any I’d used in a previous post.

Simplicity is the key here.

This door was not only interesting to look at, but made for a photo that needs a second look. There’s a bit of reflection, but you can also see straight through the gallery to the courtyard on the other side.


for Six Word Saturday…9.26.20

Recently our older daughter and her husband visited us for a few days. It was the perfect time to get out of the city, so one day we headed for Sedona with a stop at Montezuma Castle.

In Sedona, Tlaquepaque is THE shopping area. Built to imitate a Mexican village, not a poverty-stricken one, I might add, it’s a lovely place, filled with beautiful flowers, sculptures, lovely tile, wonderful shops and restaurants…and of course, doors. It’s possible I shared this first pair of doors at some point in the past, but if so, who cares? They’re worth a second look. And it may take a second look to ascertain that they’re not exactly the same.

Did you spot the difference?

But wait! There’s more! (But no Ginsu knives if you buy now.)


My parents used to live in Sedona, Arizona, a beautiful spot filled with New Agers and their crystals, art galleries, and stunning scenery. One of my favorite places is Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, usually just known as Tlaquepaque, a mixture of art galleries, restaurants, and shops of all sorts. The “village” itself is a work of art, a gorgeous melange of flowers, desert plants, and southwest architecture. As I love all three, I love visiting there. Here’s a door I would be happy to have where I live, although it would look distinctly odd anywhere in our rental house!  There is, of course, a matching half tucked out of sight.

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