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Kilroy or somebody was here.

© janet m. webb

Even when the park is empty in the morning, there’s evidence of a lively night life as evidenced by these tracks.  I might not glimpse anything but birds, but in the words made famous by the little girl in “Poltergeist”, “They’re heeeere.”

© janet m. webb

© janet m. webb

Ben’s challenged us to show “Chaos” for this week’s photo challenge but it would be too easy (and too embarrassing) to share a photo of our basement or my piles of papers.  Instead, let’s take a winter morning walk in the park, when humans and critters have been out and about in the snow, creating natural chaos.  It’s always fun to attempt to see who’s been there before me, although some mornings, the snow is pristine except for tracks of deer crossing or sometimes of a coyote.

Perhaps a photo of the pingbacks (or lack thereof) or me trying to get my link to create a pingback would work better.  SO frustrating!!!

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I think the time change going to Europe is easier, at least for me, than coming home.  Going over, even though I don’t usually sleep much, I at least rest. Returning the US, it’s daylight all the time, meaning I try to stay awake and have to sit for many too many hours.  Today has been full of various errands and work around the house.  My eyes are trying to close, but I want to get my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Tracks in before staggering off to bed.

Here we have a plethora of tracks: the track on which I’m walking, bike tracks, cross country ski tracks, human tracks, and animal tracks.  Easy to keep track of in the snow.



Making Tracks

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Photos
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