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This weekend my husband biked the 109-mile Michelson Trail in southwestern South Dakota (details and more photos coming up soon.)  Many Which Way photo ops abound during a ride of this sort, but I though this one representative.  The well-maintained trail goes through the Black Hills and in more than one place, a trestle is needed to bridge the gap.  Here’s one such trestle, well-built but not for anyone uncomfortable with heights although, as you can see, there’s a high railing on either side.


The Which Way Challenge includes all sorts of things–signs, roads, tracks, walkways.  My photos this week are of trails: the first from the park in which I walk almost every weekday morning, the second a section of the Wabash Trace trail in Shenandoah, Iowa. I think there’s something inviting about the way a trail stretches into the distance, asking you to come a little further to discover its treasures and beauty.