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This will be my last Thursday Doors entry for a few weeks, as I’ll be leaving for another visit to France on Memorial Day (and yes, I’ll be taking photos.)  So I’m pulling out all the stops, featuring lots of red doors.  Only a few blocks from PAFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where our daughter attended school and where she now works, is North Mole Street, a one-block alley of historic row houses.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Philadelphia is not only known for its row houses, but for its alleys, usually one block in length, pedestrian only, filled with “Trinity” houses, supposedly named for their three rooms, one to each floor – as in Father, Son and Holy Ghost. (Click on the link to read more about the alleys.)  These alleys have been mostly renovated and are home to many young, well-to-do residents.

Thursdays Doors is the brain child of our Montreal connection, Norm and his middle-aged mind.  We’re so glad he came up with it!  Thanks, Norm.  You’ve opened doors all over the world through this challenge.

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