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For Six Word Saturday

One turtle in particular is lost in reflection. The rest are just hanging out in the sun.

Status update. My three-day trip back starts Wednesday and then it’s full bore into moving mode. Despite everything I had to do here, it’s been a break as well and time with family. God’s certainly expedited things as for that I’m truly thankful!!

Too many users logged on

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Not far from us is the Lake Renwick Preserve, home to cormorants, egrets, herons, pelicans and more. During the breeding season, March 1 through mid-August, the preserve is only open for public programs and guided bird viewing so as not to interrupt or bother the birds. On a nice day, it’s a lovely walk. This day was several summers ago, but worth a revisit!

Tree swallow seems like a rather colorless name for this bright beauty.

© janet m. webb

The main nesting area looks more than a bit like something from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

© janet m. webb

The Fridays come all to quickly as the summer flies by.  However, the arrival of Friday heralds the arrival of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week with a theme of “Fun.”  Fun?  OK. I’m ready for fun.

Last summer, my cycling husband and his friend did almost 200 miles of the 237 mile Katy Trail running east and west across Missouri. I drove the support van, which meant I had three days of fun, including this sign spotted in Rocheport.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid!