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There really isn’t anything else that can share door space with this small but mighty example of a hobbit’s Christmas in Philadelphia, so it, like the cheese, will stand alone.

for Thursday Doors

On Tuesday I introduced you to the Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, Queen Puabi, Ur, and fabulous jewelry. Today we’re looking at doors. This first one is the imposing front door, but not one used by the general public. I believe it might be used when part of the facility is rented for a wedding or similar event. What about that tile or brick work?

Glass makes taking a photo without reflections difficult to impossible. However, this door in the African gallery is worth putting up with the reflections!


Many cities now feature public art in the form of sculptures of various kinds. I love it. Lately, I’ve noticed a new sort of art…on power boxes of some sort. Here are a few I noticed in Billings, Montana. Taking photos of doors is an addiction, one I indulged on even when on vacation.

I love the idea of this type of public art on normally boring grey (at least in our area) boxes. May this idea spread to boxes near you.

You can electrify your day by dropping by Norm’s blog and finding more examples of doors throughout the world.

Although Philadelphia was founded long before cars were around and it’s much easier in many ways to do without one if you live in the city environs, there are now plenty of cars and where there are cars, there are sometimes garages.  I, for one, can appreciate the Philadelphia garage, having had to hope for a parking spot too many times over the years of visits.  These garage doors aren’t your usual doors, though.  See if you can spot some of what makes them interesting and maybe a bit a-door-able.

If you can drive in the snow, head up to Montreal, park at Norm’s garage, then walk through doors all over the world.  Take your time.  There are no parking tickets.

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If Google Translate is to be trusted, that title means “Unusual French Doors” and that’s just what these splen-door-ous beauties are.  Why doors?  When some of us see doors, our en-door-phins start raging, making us all ambassa-doors for Norm’s Thursday Doors challenge.  It may seem door-ky to you, but it’s a very real phenomenon.  Does that make us door-hawks?  Maybe, but we’re proud of it.  Feel free to en-doors us by stopping by Norm’s and seeing what we found.  Or join us.  Just picka-door.  🙂

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