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I love living walls and South Bay Botanic Garden has one of the best living walls I’ve ever seen. Besides the interest of the plants, I liked the design, different from the usual squares.

Living walls are panels of plants, grown vertically – using hydroponics or substrate-based growing media – on structures that are either freestanding or attached to walls. talks about green roofs and DIY green roofs as well as livings walls and vertical gardens. The first photos are simple but scroll down on any of the pages to see more elaborate and beautiful examples.

When we lived in Cleveland, we had a flat roof on our garage where I grew tomatoes and some other vegetables to keep them safe from the depredations of animals such as evil chipmunks and deer. It didn’t really qualify as a green roof but any animal attempting to reach the veggies would have had to pole vault or be shot out of a cannon, in which case I would have gladly surrendered my veggies in exchange for a video or two to make my fortune. But seriously, explore the site and perhaps you’ll catch a bit of my excitement if these photos don’t do that.

Descanso Garden has a vertical wall, which is much higher and on the side of a building. This is part of it.

But living walls or vertical gardens don’t have to outdoors or elaborate. You can also do living walls indoors as The Spruce shows beautifully here and in a variety of types and sizes. Plants have been shown to improve mental health, purify the air, muffle background noise, lower stress and the various “walls” shown aren’t difficult to put together, so what’s not to like?

Or any of you familiar with any or all of these features? Do any of you have a vertical wall or something similar? Inquiring minds like mine want to know. 🙂