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Whether your preference is for reading or writing (or both), Friday Fictioneers offers you an opportunity to enjoy yourself.  Respond to the photo prompt in 100 words and you’re a writer.  Read my story and click on the link at the very end to find links to stories by other authors and you’re a reader and critic.  Do both and double your fun.  But beware!  Participation is highly addictive!

Copyright David Stewart

Copyright David Stewart

The Missing Link

The pain announces it’s time. I grasp the bell rope, memories welling up.

The child…
…holding warm, brown eggs
…riding on Carlo, the big farm dog
…running to dinner when Grandma rang the bell
…”driving” the tractor, Grandpa working the pedals my feet couldn’t reach

The young adult…
…Grandma and Grandpa gone
…college, travel, life
…strangers farming our land
…a “For Sale” sign

The two of us…
…loving the land
…leaving secure jobs
…moving home
…reclaiming the land

I joyfully pull the bell, letting Rob know it’s time; time for the harvest; time for the new family member.