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Thanks to Victor for the perfect words to go with this photo I took while in California earlier this year.

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Thursday thought

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Quotes
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People are ignorant of things they ought to know, and know things of which they ought to be ignorant.

~Victor Hugo

In our hemisphere, everyone is waiting for the sun, waiting for that warmth that signals spring.  It’s been here…and then withdrawn.  Nights are still cold, snow still falls (at least in some places at some times.)  Not only nature holds her breath, but so do all of us waiting, waiting, waiting for spring’s final entrance.

Wednesday is usually the day for a Friday Fictioneers story, but today finds me just too busy.  Work and taxes are consuming my time, but better that than death and taxes!  🙂  So instead, in the spirit of spring or of new beginnings of any sort, I offer you this Victor Hugo quote to go with one of my photos.  As Scarlett O’Hara once famously opined: “Tomorrow IS another day.”  A warm spring day, I hope.


A joyful heart is good medicine.


To love beauty is to see light.
–Victor Hugo (more…)

Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.
–Junichiro Tanizaki

“The future has many names: For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity.” ~ Victor Hugo