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When I was in college, I had a ’75 bright yellow Super Beetle I nicknamed Sundance. Armed with only an AM radio for entertainment and a sunroof for airconditioning, Sundance and I ventured all over the United States, even to places usually only accessed by vehicles with 4-wheel drive. I figured if I ever got stuck, I could find four strong men to pick him up and put him back on the road. Fortunately, it never came to that, but we had some adventures. The Super Beetle actually had dashboard and still had the engine in the back which gave great traction. You would have been amazed at how much I could pack into that front trunk and backseat. Sundance is long gone (couldn’t really get a child seat in the back seat of a 2-door car very well), but his spirit lives on in this little model.

For Christmas in 2019, I thought of making a Buche de Noel, a traditional French Christmas cake shaped and decorated like a log. However, Naperville boasts an French bakery by the name of A La Folie (“like crazy” as in “I love you like crazy) that happened to have an open house not long before Christmas. In addition to macarons and some chocolate confections, they were offering two types of Buche de Noels, a traditional chocolate although without the log appearance, and a non-traditional fruit flavor. I opted for the fruit and all of us agreed it was one of the best things we’d ever eaten. Even the decorations were edible. SO good and not overly sweet, but just enough.

Since we’re on personal…I had an excellent time in Flagstaff yesterday. Lisa and I met at Late for the Train Coffee shop, drinking inside obviously on a chilly winter day. After coffee, we ate Thai food, something I hadn’t had since we left Illinois. SO good. Downtown Flagstaff has lots of little shops, so we did a lot of browsing. I managed to get some door photos, too. Suddenly it was 3 pm, time to head back home. But there will be another time. Lisa, thanks for being a wonderful hostess and a kindred spirit. It was great to be in the mountains again and have some winter, complete with a bit of snow.

These two delicious yellow images are for Jude’s Life in Colour: yellow, her February challenge.

Since the Packers lost in the playoffs, I don’t have a favorite in this year’s Super Bowl, but I do watch the game. Many of my non-football friends watch only for the commercials and we’ve had Super Bowl parties when no one really watched either the game or commercials. So far, my favorites are the vampire-killing headlights (yes, I’m one of those people who believe vampires should only be out at night, should die in the light and should be evil) and the dog that works out to chase the VW. But the big problem with commercials that are funny or even the ones that aren’t (or the ones you just want to see so you can talk about them later), is that they leave no time to get snacks, pour my Guinness (brilliant, you know), or take a bathroom break. What’s a football and sometimes commercial fan to do?

Well, back to the regularly scheduled Super Bowl and my Guinness…and the commercials. And I’m not worried. I just realized I can do all that stuff during half time, always my least favorite part of the game. Enjoy!!