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I love Dr. Suess’ books and his first,”To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street”, is no exception.  The young protagonist of the book dreams about what to tell his father what he saw on his walk, each thought more elaborate than the previous one.  What does he end up telling his father?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

My last walk in the park wasn’t filled with sightings of any mythical or fantastic creatures.  Birds were the only animals I saw and the woodpecker I spotted was too high for my iPhone to capture clearly.  But I did see a few interesting sights.  The first was this abandoned bird’s nest, a very small one, about the size of my cupped hand.

© janet m. webb

What I found in this tree was a bit more unusual.  Who knew these things grew literally on trees?  And to think that I saw it in McDowell Forest Preserve.

(At first I thought this was a lid for a travel mug, but it might be the cover for one part of binoculars or a lens cap of some sort that was dropped and someone put it here after finding it)

© janet m. webb

The blackbird plants were in bloom this morning
          with a fine crop of birds.
Bodies inflated with air
         wings out
         they loosed their urgent songs
         in the morning air.

copyright janet m. webb