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After I posted my first entry, I remembered the fun I had taking photos of the 2013 Tour de France…from the comfort of my home.  I was enthralled by the colors and blurs that I saw from a certain angle while viewing the competition on my laptop.  I think this photo of the screen of my laptop aptly shows both the speed at which the ride occurs and the effort put into every stage.


I missed last week’s challenge due to a quick trip to Philadelphia for a bit of mother-daughter time.  I just couldn’t justify taking all the time on the internet, but I did miss seeing all the other entries.  This week, though, I’m back and enjoying the coming of spring…at least most of it.  The weather, as usual, is up and down, and we’ve been getting some rain (which I’m sure we need.)  However, I did get back out to walk in “my” park this morning, which was a true joy, even though everything is still brown, with only a bit of green starting to show on the ground.

The time went by too quickly, so it’s appropriate that the theme for this week’s photo challenge is “Blur.”  My view from the passenger’s rear view mirror this night was a bit of a blur.

To those of you who celebrate Easter, a happy, blessed holiday to you.  To the rest of you, have wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.