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One of our best off-season adventures was many years ago when our girls were young.  Since we home schooled them, we could go on vacation when others were in school and that’s just what we did when we met my parents at Busch Gardens, Florida.  There were hardly any people there, so we we went from ride to ride with nary a wait in line, except a small one at the water ride.  The best story, though, was when our older daughter wanted to go on a ride that she was technically to small to board.  The attendant let us on and said, “If you need me to stop it, just put up your hand.”  When her eyes started looking like those of a cartoon character, almost rolling around, I asked the woman in the next car to put up her hand (as I was holding our daughter), and the ride was stopped.

Not long ago, our younger daughter and I went to Arizona, not the thing usually done in summer.  Many people, at least retirees, were gone for the summer–snowbirds, as they’re often called.  The weather started at a “mild” 90 or so, but each day got hotter and hotter.  Yes, the dry heat is easier to endure, but, yes, it’s still hot.  On a day when the mercury climbed over 100, we visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix where I came across someone indulging in sweets.  No snowbird this and obviously not bothered by the heat!