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Relic:  something that is from a past time, place, culture

During our visit to L’eglise de Chateau-Lambertin the Bugunday region, we were charmed and sobered by a glimpse of the lifestyle of 1600’s France.  The museum, perched on the side of a steep hill reminiscent of Switzerland, held many relics of the back-breaking work done by the people of that village and of that area.  These people labored unbelievably hard for their meager living.

Water ran down into a waterwheel, which eventually turned the mill to grind the grain.

photo 1(78)

Biking wasn’t nearly as easy when the bike was made of wood and metal and the brakes were up on top.  Imagine trying to put a foot up there to slow or stop and still keep your balance!

photo 2(77)

Then there were the really difficult things, such as moving wood down the steep slopes, as depicted in this photo.  Wood was piled on a sled.  A man walked down the wooden stairs, bracing the load against his back!  Needless to say, this wasn’t a particularly safe occupation and sometimes limbs were injured or even lost.  Some things are better relegated to being relics.


As we’re on vacation in France as I write this, I won’t be online much and apologize if you’re nice enough to visit but I don’t have time to return that visit this week.