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For a challenge theme of “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid“, my thoughts flew immediately to the Chihuly installation last year at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  But as I scrolled through my photos while sitting in a motel in Edgemont, South Dakota, rain bucketing down outside, I came across this photo from the Naperville farmer’s market a few years ago.  The vivid colors lifted my spirits and provided a brilliant counterpoint to the darkness of the thunderstorm outside.  May they bring joy to you as well.  Of course, I should add the “warning” that I had to use last week:  I’m on very, very limited internet access right now (mostly out of contact except for evenings).  But next week I’ll be back online, able to access and enjoy the many marvelous versions of “Vivid” as well as the many excellent posts you’ve produced. In the meantime, have a vividly beautiful weekend!


How annoying!  I originally had the links to all my Chihuly posts and now they’re gone.  Well, here I am, on the internet for a few minutes, and I’m going to put them back in.  Take that, WordPress!

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