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for One Word Sunday

“Look through any window, yeah. What do you see?” is a line from a song by the Hollies. (Yes, I’m dating myself here, but that’s OK.) Michelle is asking us to show a view through a window for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, so take a look and see what you see.

Instead of looking out of a window, I looked in through a window in Philadelphia, to find this little man reclining on a rather decadent-looking chaise lounge.

copyright janet m. webb

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This week’s photo challenge theme is “Window.” Among my many choices is a set of four shots that I took from the window of Bar Louie one day when my sister-in-law and I were enjoying happy hour. These four photos are truly a poignant, wordless story.

I’m on vacation in Arizona for a few weeks visiting my parents and with internet access for only an hour or so each day, so forgive me if I don’t get to your photo this week. I’ll miss seeing all the entries, but family time is more precious. Thanks for your visits and understanding!