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Yesterday WordPress sent me a notification that it was my 6 year blogging anniversary.  Six years. Wow! Who’d a thunk?  I never imagined when I made my tentative start that six years later I would still be blogging and still loving it.  Heck, I didn’t even realize I’d have to have a blog name when I reached the end of the signing up process!

I had no idea that I would meet a number of fellow bloggers in person in places like San Francisco, Kansas City, Branson (Missouri), Philadelphia, Chicago, and even France in places like China Town, homes, writer’s conferences, coffee shops, libraries, and aboard a barge on a French river in full spate, or that I’d be chatting with people from all over the world.  What fun!  One of my goals is to meet many more of you in person. (more…)

It’s been some years since I began blogging, but I can still remember the joy and excitement of getting my first non-family follower. I wandered throughout the blogosphere, reading interesting blogs, drowning in information, finally settling on the bloggers I wanted to follow regularly. I see a number of new bloggers on my blog and always appreciate them stopping by, as I do all my readers. Here are a few hints for anyone just getting started.

Any of the rest of you veteran bloggers, feel free to leave other hints in your comments!

Feel free to share if you think this would be helpful (with a link to my blog and the post, of course.  🙂

1. Read lots of blogs and leave comments. Let your comments be about the blog post or the blog in general, not a canned “Great blog. Follow me.” Generally, if you are seen to be following a blog or dropping by regularly, the other blogger is likely to check out your blog and follow if they like or have time.


Earlier this week, my follower list popped over 2,000, even though I’ve never been Freshly Pressed or featured in any way. I think that deserves a post: a post to say thank you so much for being one of those followers.

Yes, I know that the majority of you never surface, probably never read any of my posts. I’d be happy at any time to hear what you like or don’t like about the blog and to get to know you, too. That’s entirely up to you.

But for the large group who faithfully stops in all or most days to follow whatever path I’m on, thank you!  I know the time it takes to make me part of your day. I enjoy knowing you, talking with you, learning a bit more about you and your part of the world, and learning from you.  You know who you are.  I’m truly thankful for you.


Spam can be fun!

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Miscellaneous
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I wanted to share what we had for our meal tonight, but I find it’s quite late and I don’t have time to do justice to it.  I’ll schedule it for next week.  But every so often, I enjoy looking at the spam in my spam folder and thought I’d instead share a couple current gems with you.

Here’s one that showed up while we were eating with friends we haven’t seen for many months:

It’s difficult to find educated people on this topic, however, you sound like you know what
you’re talking about! Thanks

That sounds both innocuous and complimentary…until you realize it was made in response to a Weekly Photo Challenge Photo!  I don’t imagine there was much talking at all and as it came from a “website” partially called “vanitylovingbathrooms”, I doubt that site and my post had much in common.

My other current spam is this:

І was recommended this website through my couѕin. I am no longer sure wɦether this publish is written bby way of him as no one else recognise suϲh precise approximately my problem. You are wondеrful!  Thank you!

This is also in response, supposedly, to a photo challenge and the purported website is something to do with genetics, so once again it’s unlikely to pertain to my photo post.  I’m happy to know, however,  that these people consider me well-informed and wonderful.  🙂

WordPress does a great job of catching spam, but I do enjoy the ones I find in my spam folder.  For the longest time, I got spam advertising air conditioners or heaters as auto sellers in various cities, all in response to the same photo post.  I deleted them daily, but did wonder how I’d gotten on their list.  I’ve also gotten extremely long ones that made no sense, but did have periodic forays into brand names, a bit like watching Spanish television and only understanding “Coca Cola” or some other English phrase every so often.  Not much point in getting upset about it, though, so I just read them and weep…usually with laughter…then hit “delete.”

Enjoy your weekend and any spam that might come your way.


Sweet!! Yesterday was my three-year anniversary, both of being on WordPress and of blogging. I’ve managed at least a post per day during that time and enjoyed every minute of it. And though I’ve yet to be Freshly Pressed, except by circumstances beyond my control, I’m thrilled at how well my blog and I have been received.

SO…Thanks to all of you who follow This, that and the other thing, (even the majority who follow and are never seen or heard from), and especially to all the lovely people I’ve met who read, comment, and engage in conversation with me on a regular basis.  You’re the reason I blog and the reward for all the time I spend on my blog.  I’ve been blessed to meet some of you in person and hope and plan to meet more of you as time goes on. 

To those of you who’ve never surfaced, please come up for air sometime and let me know you’re alive.  I want to know what you (all of you) enjoy about the blog, what stimulates your thoughts, what soothes your souls, and even if you disagree with something I wrote. 

Thanks to my husband and younger daughter who encouraged, even forced, me to start blogging.  You enriched my life beyond words by doing that and your faith that I could do it made all the difference.

Thanks to each and every one of you for adding so much joy to my life.  I’m sending you this delicious dessert to enjoy calorie-free as a token of my appreciation and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow…and the next day, and the next day, and…

Take your camera to lunch.

Blogging is like crack
(or how I imagine crack might be.) (more…)