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February 2nd, I start working in a tea shop, turning me a tea-rista eventually.  I’m looking forward to it, although I have to master the cash register (a Microsoft program, so beware) as well as learn about over 100 teas, among other things. I love working with people, so that part will be right up my alley. But what really threw me was the paperwork needed these days to get a job!

Besides an informational sheet, there’s a six-page employment agreement, full of WHEREAS’s , THEREFORE’s, and EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYER, including a non-compete agreement that in essences bars me from working at another teashop within a 25-mile radius (the entire Chicago metropolitan area, I presume) for 2 years after quitting work at this shop.

I’m pretty good with all that, although I often wonder why these things can’t be written in basic English. When I was studying physical education, when you shouldn’t do an exercise or something else, it was always “contraindicated.” I know what that means, but why not just say, “Don’t do this exercise?”


This morning while walking around the lake, I was thinking about the characteristics of real men, thoughts stemming from an article Bill read to me this morning about the epidemic of rapes in India,, containing horrific statistics and stories.

Therefore, the first two on my admittedly both unfinished and personal list are these:

Real men don’t commit rape.
Real men stand against rape. (more…)